Safe For Children
All of our products are safe and harmless to children.
Safe for your Pets
All our products are safe and do not harm household pets.

We offer the best and safest techniques to eradicate your home of rat, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ants, silverfish & termites. These insects spread diseases and can even decay the structure of your whole house.

Pure Pest Control Sunshine Coast is an independently owned and operated company which provides safe, professional and affordable service to both domestic and commercial clients on the Sunshine Coast. Given the old methods of pest control and the harmful effects it had on not only the environment but on people’s health, Pure Pest Control ensures its customers that only safe methods and chemicals will be used when eliminating pests.

We are able to provide these services due to the extensive research scientists have provided and the solutions they have created which are highly potent towards insects but are at very low toxicity to humans and the household pet.

If termites are discovered on the property it is advised that treatment is undertaken quickly as the colony can then move on to other areas if disturbance has occurred. Pure Pest Control are very experienced in the treating methods of termites and can perform a treatment immediately once the termites have been found.

If you are a looking for pest control on the Sunshine Coast and after a reliable, prompt and affordable service- give us a call. We will assist you with any pest control or termite questions you may have, quotes are also issued over the phone with no hidden costs so when we turn up for the job no nasty add- ons will be added to the bill.

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